Access Panels

Made from glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG), IntexForms access panels are the industry-leading solution, found in some of the most prominent and distinguished buildings in the World. This unique access panel solution provides access without disrupting the desired appearance of walls, façades, or ceilings.

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Why Our Access Panels Are Perfect For Your Project:

We do not outsource the production of our panels overseas, or to third-party manufacturers. This means we have total control over the quality of your product.

Other competitors offer metal or plaster of Paris access panels. The use of GFRG and GFRC means our panels are resistant to mold and cannot rust, while remaining lightweight and durable.

IntexForms employs in-house CNC machines to create the molds used to make our panels and frames, allowing us to produce panel designs that are consistently accurate within .005 inches.

Our competition has lead times ranging from weeks to months as they wait for overseas shipments. IntexForms is faster every time, from ordering, to in-house production, and finally delivery to your work site.

We offer ruggedized glass fiber reinforced cement (GFRC) products where designs call for exterior installation of access panels.

We have handled orders ranging from six access panels, to thousands of panels of varying sizes and shapes.

IntexForms invented the GFRC/GFRG access panel more than 25 years ago, and we continue to define our industry by doing the impossible with our products.

IntexForms is there from the first phone call, to the last delivery, and beyond. We offer a 1-year warranty for all products we deliver, and can quickly respond to any issues that arise.

IntexForms Provides
Hundreds of Access Panel Options

  • to meet all project requirements

Our access panels come in two distinct types: Hinged and Lift n' Shift.

IntexForms Lift and Shift Watermarked
IntexForms Hinged Panel Opening Watermarked

For hinged panels, IntexForms provides five lock types:

  • lock & key

  • slotted cam

  • magnetic

  • Recessed

  • Touch Latch

In both panel types, we offer distinct styling options, which can be scaled to meet the very specific needs of your project:

Our GFRG/GFRC Access Panels Offer Unmatched Performance

  • over traditional access panel solutions

Most competing access door makers use Plaster of Paris, a very low grade Gypsum, Intex uses only high density industrial grade gypsum. It's high strength and density come from smaller molecules, conventional plaster and Plaster of Paris used by competitors can not achieve this and puts those products at high risk for damage. IntexForms has never settled for anything less than the highest quality materials for our access panels, allowing them to be used in a wider range of environments than the competition. GFRG is lighter than traditional metal or plaster castings, while providing greater overall durability than standard gypsum. In the event of an earthquake or other disaster, the panels will hold their shape and resist breakage or crumbling. GFRG access panels can be installed in any dry or climate-controlled environment. The material also offers minimal WiFi and cellular data interference, allowing them to be employed in a greater range of applications. For outdoor or wet environment applications, IntexForms offers GFRC access panel solutions.

put simply, our panels last longer and are far more versatile than any alternative on the market.


Our Access Panels Can Replace Any Existing Panel Solution In Your Building.

our ability to create accurate custom molds for access panels makes IntexForms the perfect solution for remodeling projects.

IntexForms GFRG Access Panels flush-mount into drywall ceilings and walls, creating a seamless blend between drywall and panel frame. Metal access panels cannot achieve this, require more maintenance, and often prove to be an undesirable visual distraction, where our panels would be all but invisible on the same surfaces.

We currently offer access panels in thousands of pre-existing molds and designs. But if you require a custom solution that falls outside of the standard sizes and designs we offer, IntexForms can easily manufacture custom access panels that fit your specific needs . With our unmatched lead times, we can have your custom panels to the work site faster than our nearest competitors!


ease of installation allows your team to cut down time spent on the job site.

Labor is one of the greatest costs associated with any construction project, and the installation of complex products can quickly add hours to the job.

IntexForms access panels are designed with the ease of installation in mind, will install seamlessly into any drywall or ceiling surface, with the exact finish you want to apply. The process can be broken down into four simple steps:

  • mount the access panel frame with screws

  • install the surrounding drywall

  • tape over the access panel frame joints and apply a filler compound

  • apply your desired finish

It just takes minutes to get one of our access panels into place, allowing a worker to move on to other aspects of the project. A drywall installer can easily implement our access panels while finishing up their drywall installation. No need for multiple workers, no special tools required, and no overly complex installation methods are necessary. It's done fast, it's clean, and the process will not disrupt work flow.

Every panel can fit in every orientation, with even gaps on all sides, every time. IntexForms panels include embedments in the frame, so bugle head screws or torque will not cause fractures or cracks. Every access panel and frame is provided paint-ready, and any texture can be applied to match the surrounding drywall surface perfectly.

IntexForms Access Panels Are LEED Compliant

IntexForms access panels are designed for LEED compliance, meaning they contribute to a project earning LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

our GFRG access panels are composed entirely of post-consumer recycled material. Each is made to-size, which minimizes waste.


call intexforms today if you need an access panel solution for your project!

Whether your design documents call for IntexForms access panels, or you are looking for a high-performance solution to replace existing access panels, we are ready to help you. Our team can be reached through our contact form, or by calling us directly at