Stone-Tex provide an ornamental touch to rooms, doors, windows, fireplaces, and more. IntexForms fabricates fully custom products to compliment any design. Made using GFRG or GFRC, our products are a sturdy alternative to wood, brick, metal, and cement competitors. From arches to completely custom shapes, Intex Forms can help you turn your ideas into a reality!

The advantages of IntexForms moulding:

fully custom

We can reproduce existing moulding, or fabricate original designs to your exact specification. You don’t need to be a CAD/CAM expert. Our experts can take your ideas and make them real.

made to order

Looking for a fireplace mantle or a piece of door trim? We can create a moulding that is exactly to spec. Want to spruce up an exterior windowsill? IntexForms also fabricates weather-resistant cement mouldings.

fast lead times

Our production facility in Sacramento, CA can produce and deliver mouldings for any size project. Whether you need a dozen or hundreds of individual moulding pieces for your project, we can deliver product ready for installation faster than our competitors.

We produce mouldings for any purpose.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Faux Stone – This is an integral colored material and IntexForms, Inc. Supplies a matching grout material when applicable.

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Give your interior spaces visual appeal that will last for years!

Many traditional mouldings are made from wood and painted to match the rest of a wall or a fixture. Others are made from brick, metal, or other materials, each with their own limitations. Wood can rot or mold after exposure to moisture, while uncoated metals may oxidize, which can greatly degrade its appearance.

IntexForms produces its mouldings from GFRG and GFRC, depending on the purpose of the moulding and where it is to be placed. Glass fiber reinforced gypsum and cement are both sturdy materials, ensuring that our products can withstand years of regular wear and tear. The mouldings we fabricate from these materials resist mold, shrinking, cracking, and warping that could compromise the appearance of your home.


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Whether you simply want to reproduce existing mouldings around a home for a remodel, or are a contractor working on apartment complex with hundreds of living spaces in need of floor trim, IntexForms is ready to help! Use our online contact form to set up a consultation, or call us directly at 855-894-5210. We look forward to hearing from you!

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