A Little History…

IntexForms, Inc. located in the Sacramento, California area. We were a subsidiary of a Canadian company until it discontinued U.S. operations in 1994. Since 1994 IntexForms, Inc., has established a well known reputation for producing a product that is lightweight, easy to install with unmatched quality. We have relied upon our past performance and relationships to establish IntexForms, Inc. as a dominant company in the industry.

What We Do

IntexForms provides high quality glass fiber reinforced cement (GFRC) and glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG) products. GFRC is used for exterior projects as it is similar to concrete in strength and durability with only a fraction of the weight. GFRG is a reinforced gypsum product having high strength with lighter weight for interior projects. There are hundreds of in stock molds available for column covers (straight/tapered/fluted), capitals, bases, moldings, baseboards, coves and sconces, ceiling vaults, and cornices. Our products serve both “functionality” along with aesthetically pleasing and innovative design. Custom fabrication is available. Contact our sales department for specific information for your particular requirements.

"The IntexForms team members were extremely professional. Top-notch service. Incredible results!"

− Mark Fredrickson

"I put my trust in no other competitor of IntexForms, Inc. I've been doing business with them for 22 years."

− Frank Jimenez